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Are you getting 'xxxx.pst has reached its maximum size' error in

MS Outlook ?

How to fix 'Unknown Error 0x8004060C' ?

Want to split oversized PST files into smaller partition ?

MS Outlook users complain that their PST files are oversized when PST file size exceeds 2 GB. In case PST file exceeds file size limitation then MS Outlook application becomes totally unusable. Outlook provides built in tool to fix different problems associated with PST file corruption that is Scanpst.exe but it is not capable to fix problems associated with large PST files. To make the oversized PST files in usable status you need to use outlook crop split PST tool .

When the PST file is oversized then new data cannot be added, so in case PST file size limit exceeds 2GB then new data can not be added. But in case PST file size limit reaches 2GB the then you may come across with different problems while doing operations like sending or receiving mails, setting appointments, making notes etc. In order to avoid PST file size corruption you require using outlook crop split PST tool and dividing large files into smaller partitions.


When you attempt to load or access oversized PST files then following error messages are displayed in the computer screen:

To fix large PST file issues you need to use outlook crop split PST application in your system. By using this application you will be able to split large PST files into smaller partitions and fix problems associated with oversized Outlook files in simple way.

So, if you are identifying oversized PST file problems then download outlook crop split pst tool and use it to run the system smoothly.